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"Focus on digital technology - for high quality luxury"

About X-ONE

X-ONE is a brand of Guangzhou Lehman Brothers Electronic Technology Co Ltd, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. It specializes in the design, development and sales of smart accessories and smart hardware. The company operates in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

As an internationally renowned digital accessory brand, X-ONE products are mainly designed for high-end consumers, advocating the concept of "focus on digital technology - born for high quality and luxury". Since the establishment of X-ONE brand, we have aspired to be the world's most high-end digital accessories, to provide consumers with the best user experience, and to make China's intellectual production to the world. Combining industry-leading product concepts and rich experience in product development, every idea is integrated with the love of life, constantly improving and continuously improving in the field. To provide users with more practical and higher quality product solutions.

We are determined to make X-ONE the number one global brand in digital accessories and a lifestyle leader in the new digital age. Over the years we have invested a lot of money and manpower to continue developing our products! We are constantly improving the quality of our products, production technology and services! We do our best to make every product better and more perfect. Although X-ONE has been recognized by users all over the world, we still insist on investing 30%-35% of our annual revenue in research and development, which enables us to maintain our leading position in the market.

With an open and harmonious attitude, Lehman Brothers Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a deep technical partnership with many well-known domestic and international accessory manufacturers, and continues to develop deeper and deeper into digital applications.

To do everything with care and effort is our constant attitude.

Development history

2011: Lehman Brothers Electronic Technology Co Ltd was established in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, and the X-ONE brand was created in the same year.

2011: The industry's first fragrant mobile phone protective film was developed, causing customers around the world to rush to buy it, laying a solid foundation for the development of the XONE brand.

2012: Launched the anti-blue light protective film which can relieve eye fatigue

2012: Developed the explosion-proof series of protective film, which was well received by consumers worldwide for its superb impact resistance

2012: Established X-ONE Malaysia

2013: Developed the second generation of blast-proof film! The film was the first in the industry to introduce a high level of scratch resistance at 5H, which was well ahead of the industry standard at the time.

2012: Developed the "King of Film" series of protective films which are both anti-blue light and impact resistant.

2014: Developed a solution for curved glass, making us the first company to introduce a flexible film solution.

2015: Awarded Singapore's Top Corporate Achievement Award

2015: X-ONE launched its third generation of blast-proof films! The first blast film that is fingerprint resistant (drip proof) having 5H, redefining blast film!

2015: Launched a rugged, stretch-resistant data cable that can pull a car of about 2 tonnes on a single cable.

2016: Launch of the Dropguard range of drop-proof phone cases

2017: Launch of 2D & 2.5D full screen protectors

2017: Development of the Shock Dominator range of drop-proof phone cases

2017: We can be used for full protocol fast charging chargers, car chargers

2018: Awarded the Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand (Emerging Company)

2019: Developed the fourth generation of blast-proof film with improved performance across the board

2019: Developed the fourth generation of King of Film to improve performance across the board

2020: Developed INSTALLER PRO, a revolutionary product in the protective film industry

2020: Launch of Lens Armour protective cover

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