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Warning:Crackdown on counterfeit and shoddy goods!

2014-02-09 22:00:41 X ONE Website Read


Recently there are some merchandisers who counterfeit X-ONE's products and gain profit from illegal distribution, which have hurt X-ONE 's company brand image. We have appealed to the authorities and requested the merchandisers to stop selling the fake products.

X-ONE is highly credible and respectable in the market and among consumer, that is why some merchandisers take advantage of X-ONE's image to gain huge profits. 

So please choose the credible and legal way to buy the quality guaranteed products.

PS: All premium products are made with imported and good quality materials with original designed package. The print quality is better than the other sellers' standard in the market and the packaging materials are durable with clearly printed text and (logo) in bright colors. Those with logo but have same package could be fake products that counterfeit X-ONE.

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